We’ve been sent some information regarding the upcoming Covid vaccine which we are sharing with you below. It isn’t much in the way of information but hopefully in the coming weeks we will hear more;

“We are all excited to hear that there is progress on a Covid vaccine and that this should improve the quality of life for all of us.

We know that you, like us, are struggling with the confines imposed upon us all due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

To keep you as informed as possible, we will update these messages frequently as we become aware of more information from NHS England:

• The 3 Covid vaccines that have been announced are new and have not yet been licensed to be used on patients in the UK – but we are expecting them to be licensed very soon.

• NHS England have said that there will be some large Vaccination Centres and some mobile units to deliver and administer the vaccines. We do not know yet what there will be in our area.

• NHS England are looking at the IT issues and issues about storage of the vaccine. Once they have finalised arrangements, they will let us know.

• The expectation is that the vaccinations will not start for most people until 2021 and it will take some time to vaccinate everyone who is eligible.”

See latest update here: CoVid-Message-to-Practices (Posted 10.12.2020)

Update 12.1.2021

We are delighted to confirm that we have now begun contacting priority patients (those over 80) from all GP Practices in the Poole Central Network, including Dr Newman’s Surgery (Family Medical Services), to book their Covid Vaccine.

Patients will be telephoned by a dedicated booking team from today to book their appointment.

Clinics will commence on Friday 15th January at Poole Ferry Port, and we will also begin vaccinations in our registered Care Homes across Poole on the same day.

Please remember that we will contact you and there is no need to contact your Practice.

See latest update here: Message-to-Practices (Posted 12.1.2021)